Trip Through My Trash - February 2018

OMG!  Its still the beginning of March and I am getting my Trip Through My Trash for February up!  I am finally starting to feel more like myself and think I may be at a point where I can keep up with posting on a regular basis.  I hope that none of you ended up with those bugs that were going around this winter.

Not my best turnout for Trash, but not to bad!

Not my best turnout for Trash, but not to bad!

I didn't manage to use up a lot of product last month but there are a few new products in there!  I am trying to make a conscious decision to not keep buying more stuff and focusing on using up what I have.

A few new products.

A few new products.

Not the usual assortment of Trash for me!

B&BW True Blue Shea Cashmere Body Lotion- We used this as a hand cream in the living room.  My husband used it the most!  His hands get dried and cracked in the winter and this B&BW cream really seemed to help.  It didn't leave our hands feeling greasy it just sunk into the skin nicely, my husband hates greasy hand cream.  It also doesn't really have much of a scent to it, just a light scent.  Repurchase? Maybe, we have quite a few lotions to get through first.

Fluffs Cotton Pads- A repeat product, and there really isn't much else to say about them.  Get them at Dollarama!  Repurchase? Always

B&BW Ocean Citrus Foaming Hand Soap- Another B&BW product in strong rotation at our house, in some scent or other.  The Ocean Citrus scent has a nice fresh scent to it that doesn't linger to much.  Repurchase? Usually in some accent, but I would definitely pick up this scent again.

Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips- Another Dollarama find, they work as well as Biore but for a fraction of the price.  There is just something weirdly satisf\ying about getting the gunk out of the pores on your nose.  Repurchase?  Always

Schick Intuition razor refill- Another repeat...although I noticed I haven't had one in my empties for awhile.  I swear I have been shaving!  I must have either lost the other refill packages or thrown them out.  I pick up a package at Costco and get 12 refills plus a razor for under $30 CAD.  Repurchase?  Always.

Clarisionic Radiance Brush Head- I was really late replacing my brush head, but I finally remembered to do it.  I find that the Radiance brush heads are the gentlest on my face while still leaving it feeling clean.  Repurchase? Already have.

Pur-lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum- I think I got this eye cream in one of my first Boxy Charms and finally got around to using it.  It was an ok eye cream, I didn't notice much of a difference in my under eye area while using it.  It played will with makeup so I used it mostly in the morning.  It wasn't to heavy, just kind of nice and light for under makeup.  I didn't find it helped with puffiness though.  Repurchase? Doubt it, it didn't leave a big impression on me and there are so many other eye creams I have left to try!

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Brazillian Nut- I am really not to sure where I got this scrub, but I think I may need to find it!  It had a good amount of grit to it, it felt like it was doing something.  It wasn't so scratchy that it hurt or anything like that, just enough that I didn't have any dry patches on my legs or arms.  I found that it helped with the keratosis pillars that I have on my upper arms.  The bumps felt a lot less noticeable when I was using it.  It didn't do much for the redness that I also have but my skin felt so much smoother.  Repurchase? I hope to , once I get through the other scrubs I have.  Have any of you seen this in any stores?  Just so I can get an idea of where to get it!

A ew new scents.

A ew new scents.

I didn't burn a lot of candles last month, but I did use a new candle.

B&BW Wallflower- I am not sure what scent this was!  I think my husband may have thrown out the cap with the tag.  It worked well in the laundry room!  Never smelt the kitty litter!  Repurchase? In one scent or another.

B&BW Aromatherapy Focus Candle- I picked up 3 candles at B&BW before Christmas when they were on sale for $10 I think?  This one was my favourite! You can smell the tea, not so much the Eucalyptus though.  I really enjoyed it and ended up going through it quite quickly.  Repurchase? As soon as there is another sale.

Yankee Candle November Rain votive- This one is more on the stronger side of scents!  Yankee Candle describes it as a mix of watery leaf notes, warm amber and crisp, brisk air.  It definitely fills the room when you burn it.  I am not sure if I like it that much though, I found that I didn't burn it long each time I lite it.  It got overpowering quickly.  Repurchase? I doubt it, its stronger than I like.

Sad amount of samples...

Sad amount of samples...

I really ignored the Sample Stash last month!

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara- I used up my sample of this rather than opening the one I got in my Boxy Charm as the sample was older and I am trying to use up samples.  It was an alright mascara, it didn't smudge or flake!  The sample of this though, it didn't have a twist off cap, rather you pulled it off.  I wasn't the biggest fan of the sample packaging, it did get messy quickly.  Repurchase? Maybe if/when I need mascara?

Laneige Water Bank Ultra Moisture Cream- I like this moisturizer at night in the winter time!  It is a fairly heavy moisturizer so I would only use this a few times a week for my combo skin.  It takes a bit to finally sink in but you wake up with a very moisturized face.  Repurchase? Maybe? Probably if my skin was drier.

So that was what I ended up using up for the month February, not bad but by far not my best!  I am happy to finally be trying out products that have been hiding in drawers/boxes for I don't know how long!  I have a plastic drawer system under my sink in my downstairs bathroom full of products that I am hoping to get through this year...  I went through it all and organized it so that whenever I run out of something I can go there and see if I have anything to use up.  Hopefully it gets me to use up some of the stuff now that I can find it.  Have you used up anything new/old lately?  I am hoping to curb my buying and use up what I have, who knows maybe there is something great in there?  I must have thought it would be at some point in time to have picked it up!