Sephora Bubble Mask

I thought it was about time I gave you my thoughts on the Sephora Bubble Mask that I had picked up during the March 1 Sephora Exclusive Soiree!

Sephora-Bubble MaskDSC05160.jpg

I am pretty sure I paid around $20.00 CAD for the mask, I can't remember off the top of my head and it appears that you can't get this mask online.  I will check on the price the next time I go into Sephora and update this post.

I had gone in to Sephora a bit before I picked this up and asked an associate if they had any bubble masks, I was interested in trying them out!  My helpful associate showed me this one, I guess it was the only one they had, and I tried some out on the back of my hand.  I could feel it tingling and pretty much knew I would be picking it up during the next event that came around, it wasn't a need just something fun to try so I could wait.

A small pump of the Sephora Bubble Mask.

A small pump of the Sephora Bubble Mask.

The directions are easy to follow - Once a week, apply a fine layer over slightly humid skin.  Let it sit for 2 or 3 minutes until its texture becomes frothy.  Massage with fingertips and rinse with water.  Be sure to close well after each use.

When you first pump out the mask, it comes out as a clear gel.  Nothing to exciting there!  1 pump is more than enough to cover your face though.  It does feel slightly cool when you first put it on.  I put 1 pump in my hand and than dot it around my face rubbing it in.  It very quickly starts to foam up.  After about a minute I can start to feel the bubbles popping on my skin, it tickles!

The one thing I can say that I found out when using this mask, is when you are massaging it into your skin before rinsing, that its best to wet your hands!  The first time I tried the mask I didn't and there was some tugging, the mask almost becomes sticky.  Other than that I followed the directions.

I have been using the Sephora Bubble Mask once a week since the beginning of March.  I didnt find that the mask dried out my skin, nor did it seem to hydrate.  I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin, other than the fact that my pores don't seem to be clogged at all, no pesky breakouts or anything either.  I have been enjoying using this mask, partially for the fun factor, it tickles!  But also the look on my families faces when they see the white frothy foam on my face!  It isn't a pretty sight, but it is funny!

Have you tried out a bubble mask yet?  How did you like it if you have?