SDM Fragrance Sampler - Lancôme - La Nuit Trésor

Time for my thoughts on the third fragrance from the 2016 SDM Fragrance Sampler that I picked up during a Black Friday weekend Bonus Redemption weekend!  I had recently finished up with the Mascara Sampler that I picked up during that same shopping trip and luckily the Certificate was still good, heres hoping the same for this one.

All the pretty mini bottles of fragrance.

All the pretty mini bottles of fragrance.

As with the SDM Mascara Sampler, I am hoping to give you my thoughts on each fragrance once a week, or hopefully every 2 weeks.  The fragrances I will be trying out each week are - Issey Miyake-L'Eau D'Issey Pure, Versace-Eros Pour Femme, Lancôme-Trésor La Nut, Giorgio Armani-Si, Chloe-Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo-Signorina, Mugler-Angel Muse.  As I said in my intro post, there are a few fragrances included in this set that I already know that I like.

Third up on the list of fragrance to try out is Lancôme - La Nuit Trésor.

SDM Fragrance Sampler-Lancome-La Nuit TresorDSC06006.jpg

Here is what the SDM Fragrance Guide has to say about Lancôme - La Nuit Trésor -

Style: A new modern vision of love.

Tones: An Eau de Parfum composed of the rarest raw materials: a bewitching heart of black rose essence with an erotic hint of vanilla Tahitensis orchid absolute.  The first aphrodisiac gourmand created for Lancome by two stars of French perfumery as the new love philtre of the 21st century.

The Woman: La Nuit Trésor is a seductive perfume that is as alluring as the woman who wears it.  It is daring, sexy and chic: always leaving more to be desired.

Once again, a beautiful bottle!  Just look at that beautiful bottle, not only is it beautiful it has a different shape.  The attention to detail with the small rose on the neck of the bottle, makes it beautiful to look at.  For me though, the beauty doesn't stop with how the bottle looks this time.  I love the scent of the Lancôme - La Nuit Trésor!  I wasn't expecting to like this scent so much, I am really not a huge fan of floral-y scents at all.  I have actually been wearing this scent for more than 2 weeks, I just wasn't ready to switch to the next scent up yet.  I had so many people at work asking me what I was wearing, I was told I smelled great!  Its not an overpowering scent, just about perfect.  The only downfall is is that the scent doesn't last that long, I can't smell it at all after about 6 hours.

For me I would give the Lancôme - La Nuit Trésor a rating of 4.5.  If the scent had lasted longer it would have been a 5!  I will definitely happily use up this mini and it is a contender for the full size.

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