SDM Fragrance Sampler - Signorina - Salvatore Ferragamo

Time for me to get back to my thoughts on the fragrances from the 2016 SDM Fragrance Sampler that I picked up forever ago. I am on the 6th fragrance from the 2016 SDM Fragrance Sampler that I picked up during a Black Friday weekend Bonus Redemption weekend!  I had previously finished up with the Mascara Sampler that I picked up during that same shopping trip and luckily the Certificate was still good, here’s hoping the same for this one.

All seven of the beautiful deluxe sized samples included in my 2016 SDM Fragrance Sampler.

All seven of the beautiful deluxe sized samples included in my 2016 SDM Fragrance Sampler.

As with the SDM Mascara Sampler, I was hoping to give you my thoughts on each fragrance once a week, or hopefully every 2 weeks, well that didn’t work out quite as intended!  The fragrances I will be trying out each week are - Issey Miyake-L'Eau D'Issey Pure, Versace-Eros Pour Femme, Lancôme-Trésor La Nut, Giorgio Armani-Si, Chloe-Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo-Signorina, Mugler-Angel Muse.  As I said in my intro post, there are a few fragrances included in this set that I already know that I like.

The sixth fragrance in the SDM Fragrance Sampler is Salvatore Ferragamo - Signorina

SDM Fragrance Sampler-SignorinaDSC05977.jpg

Here is what the SDM Fragrance Sampler Guide had to say about Salvatore Ferragamo - Signorina

Style: Signorina is the celebration of chic girls with a sophisticated, subtly cheeky, and fresh scent signature. A fragrance creation with the elegant and all Italian style by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Tones: A fragrance which represents the alliance of elegance and memorability with the reinterpretation of the iconic jasmine and the unexpected and delicate sweetness of pannacotta.

The Woman: Signorina is a fragrance dedicated to trendy feminine young ladies with timeless modernity, creativity, and a hint of audacity. Stylish, truly Italian, fresh and full of life.

As with all the other fragrances, a beautiful bottle! Once again it is almost identical to the full size bottle, down to a ribbon on the bottle. I hadn’t tried this fragrance for quite a while and had forgotten what it smelled like,I tried to smell it from the bottle to see if that would remind me but could barely smell anything at all. I put it on and still could barely smell anything, what i did smell was light and fresh. As i was driving to work an hour later all i could smell was flowers and elderly lady scent and couldn’t figure it out right away that it was me! Once i did, it was started to get overpowering. I knew that this was not a scent i could be wearing in a hospital setting. I tried getting rid of the scent with alcohol hand sanitizer and it wasn’t going away very quickly, i must have rubbed the sanitizer on wherever i had put the perfume at least 5 times and was washing with soap. I did finally get the scent down some to where i was the only one who could really smell it unless you got to close to me.

Needless to say this will not be the fragrance that i try to pick up with my gift certificate. If you floral scents this may be a good one for you, the scent does last quite long on the skin… For me i would give Signorina only 2 out of 5.

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