New In For July 2018

I thought I would do New In for July separately as quite a few things came in in July! My birthday was at the end of June and some things were ordered and hadn’t come in by than. I think I will group August- October together though. I really slowed down after July!

New In For July 2018-AdidasNew In For July 2018DSC07321.jpg

First up are 2 pairs of shoes my husband ordered online for me.  Unfortunately it did take longer to get them but I had to return them for another size.  I got 2 pairs of Adidas Gazelles, 1 in 'white' (looks beige to me!) and the other in black.  If you have high arches these sneakers are like getting a massage with each step you take, they are so comfortable!  The only thing about them is that the tongue was quite stiff for a few wears, all softened up now though.

New In For July 2018-BirthdayNew In For July 2018DSC07327.jpg

My sister, also my partner in crime when it comes to makeup!, knew I have been looking for a crease brush and she picked up the Sephora Pro Blending brush, large #27.  It isn't as large or as fluffy as my favourite crease brush but I have been enjoying it!  I think it may fluff up some more the more I use it.  She also knew I was interested in trying the new Too Faced Born This Way Concealer so she grabbed me one of those as well.  I will hopefully get a review up on it soon, if you are interested?

I did a little damage at Sephora in July as well, did you know that Canada is now getting some of the Sephora Weekly Wow deals?!  Also that the prices of the Tarte palettes are now $49?!  I had to pick up the Tarte Toasted palette at that price...  I liked the first Sephora Lipstories lipstick in the cream finish so much that I decided to try out a Matte one.  The Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes was a Weekly Wow, $27.50 CAD!!, so you can guess why that happened.  And lastly Sephora had a Rouge event at the end of the month that gave a fairly decent goodie bag if you spent $50 and since my Urban Decay powder foundation is almost gone and I have been interested in trying out the It Cosmetics one I thought I would pick that one up to try.

New In For July 2018-Giveaway prize-Praire Beauty LoveNew In For July 2018DSC07708.jpg

I was lucky enough to win a Live Clean Sun Protection Giveaway from Trash over at Prairie Beauty Love on Canada Day.  I won a Facial Sunscreen as well as after sun, both from Live Clean.  Thanks Trysh!  

New In For July 2018-Farlyco Summer BoxDSC07621.jpg

Lastly, I was lucky enough to receive another great box from Farlyco Beauty.  There are quite a few brands/products here; Perspirex, So...?, CoLab, Inkredible, and Flexitol.  I have been happily trying everything out over the past few months and am almost ready to share my thoughts on a few of them!  Some I liked and some, not so much.  Hopefully reviews up soon.

There were quite a few new products in in July, some I have really been enjoying and some not so much.  But I do find that that is where the fun is, in trying out new things, you never know what will surprise you.