SDM Fragrance Sampler - Mugler - Angel Muse

Time for my thoughts on the 7th and final fragrance from the 2016 SDM Fragrance Sampler that I picked up forever ago. I am finally on the last fragrance from the 2016 SDM Fragrance Sampler that I picked up during a Black Friday weekend Bonus Redemption weekend!  I had previously finished up with the Mascara Sampler that I picked up during that same shopping trip and luckily the Certificate was still good, here’s hoping the same for this one.

Seven beautiful mini perfume bottles.

Seven beautiful mini perfume bottles.

As with the SDM Mascara Sampler, I was hoping to give you my thoughts on each fragrance once a week, or hopefully every 2 weeks, well that didn’t work out quite as intended!  The fragrances I will be trying out each week are - Issey Miyake-L'Eau D'Issey Pure, Versace-Eros Pour Femme, Lancôme-Trésor La Nut, Giorgio Armani-Si, Chloe-Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo-Signorina, Mugler-Angel Muse.  As I said in my intro post, there are a few fragrances included in this set that I already know that I like.

The seventh fragrance in the SDM Fragrance Sampler is Mugler - Angel Muse

SDM Fragrance Sampler-Angel MuseDSC05989.jpg

Here is what the SDM Fragrance Sampler Guide had to say about Mugler - Angel Muse -

Style: This cosmic whirlwind embodies the Mugler audacity and its refined avant-gardism style. It dives us into an unpredictable universe and attracts us into its magnetic field. It’s attractive strengths activate an irresistible addiction and spreads a new gourmands.

Tones: Woody Gourmand. A bold, bright, regressive and unsettling woody fragrance that spreads a new irritable gourmands. The first feminine vetyver gourmand. The attractive explosion invites you to enter addiction by fusing and bright notes of pomelo and pink berries. The addictive explosion plunges you into a new kind of addiction by a creamy and gourmand cocoa-hazelnut accord. A true delicious indulgence! The magnetic explosion propels you into the cosmos. It draws its character into a vibrant and magnetic vetyver, borrowed from the masculine perfumery. A futuristic gourmandise…

The Woman: A new Angel woman is born. Luminous and charming, she attracts attention. She magnetizes and fascinates by her aura. This young woman liberates her emotions she abandons herself to addiction. She shines and inspires. Her fragrance is so addictive that it makes you lose your mind.

Another mini that is identical to the full size!  I like the way that Mugler - Angel Muse smells, no floral notes that I can smell.  The scent is another fairly light one that I can wear while at work without anyone having issues with it.  The only problem I have with Angel Muse is that the scent doesn’t last long at all, only about 4 hours or so?  I can still catch a very faint scent after that but I do have to really press my nose to were I had put it.  My husband on the other hand is not a huge fan of this one though, he says it isn't bad just not his favorite.

I would give Mugler - Angel Muse a rating of 4 out of 5, but would have to knock it down because of my husband liking it as much.  I doubt that I will be getting the full size of this one.

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I will be going to see if the gift certificate is still valid for a full size soon, probably by next weekend.  I will let you know if the certificate was still valid after almost 3 years, and what perfume I ended up picking as my full size.