Urban Decay - Troublemaker Mascara Review

So in keeping with finally getting back to doing some reviews, I thought id share my thoughts on the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara mini that I have had sitting around for awhile.

Beautiful packaging, even on the mini of the urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara.

Beautiful packaging, even on the mini of the urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara.

Here is what the Sephora website has to say about the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara -

A failsafe mascara that delivers a lengthening, perfectly fanned-out look with extreme volume for longer, thicker-looking lashes. 

Troublemaker Mascara’s formula volumizes and lengthens as it separates lashes. It’s infused with a combination of hollow silica and ultra-light fibers to boost volume without the extra weight. Vitamin E and panthenol nourish and condition, and a combination of polymers helps the mascara adhere to your lashes for lasting wear—no flaking, smearing, or smudging. 

The custom-designed brush combs and separates lashes to make it look like you have more of them. Tiny precision hooks grab lashes to pull the product through for an instant lash-multiplying effect. The brush actually fans out lashes as it coats them, separating and curling each lash while laying down the perfect amount of mascara. And it’s designed to reach even tiny inner-corner lashes, no matter which way you hold it. 

Based on 3-D volume effect analysis in a 34-subject study:
- Delivers 13.7x the lash volume

The Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara does come in a beautiful holographic tube, I was actually surprised that the deluxe sample that I have of the mascara is even in the same packaging. The wand is a plastic brush that does look like it could hurt! I haven’t had any issues with poling myself in the eye yet though. I have found that it does a great job of separating my lashes and I havve’t had any issues with it clumping my lashes at all. I find it does a great job of coating all of my lashes with a rich black color. I did notice slight lengthening, not a lot of volume though. I had no flaking throughout the day either. The only issue I have had is that if my eyes watered at all, it would smudge. It does take a little more time to remove at night, I found that I needed to hold the cotton pad with eye makeup remover on it, on my eye a little longer than others. It wasn’t as hard to remove as waterproof mascara, but it take a little more work. I actually was surprised that it held up so well for me as I didn’t have the best of luck when I tried out the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.

As you can see from the above photo, the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara gave my lashes a rich black color and lots of length. I really like how it made my lashes look, i’m not sure if I like it enough to spend $31.00 CAD for a full size though. I have another 20+ mascaras, both full size and minis, to try out, so I won’t be in the market to purchase one for quite awhile!

Have you tried the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara? How did you like it? What are your favourite mascaras, i’d love to hear what they are.