2 Blue Morgan Taylor Nail Polishes for World Autism Awareness Day

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day and people are wearing blue to raise awareness for the disorder. This is a cause that is close to me, my son has ASD. 1 in 66 children are diagnosed with Autism, so chances are you know someone to. Autism Awareness is represented by both the colour blue as well as multicolour puzzle pieces.

To show my support for World Autism Awareness Day, I of course decided to wear blue polish! I knew I wanted to wear a shimmer shade as well as a creme, but I didn’t have exactly what I had in mind. My sister on the other hand had the Morgan Taylor polish in Rhythm and Blues, as soon as I saw it that’s what I wanted. I headed off to CosmoProf to find a creme shade to wear with it.

So for Autism Awareness Day I am wearing a couple of beautiful blue polishes from one of my favourite brands of nail polish, Morgan Taylor. The 2 shades I picked out are ‘Take Me To Your Tribe’ as well as ‘Rhythm And Blues’. Both of these shades are available at Nail Polish Canada, I’m not sure what collection they are from, or even if they are from the same collection. My sister gave me Rhythm and Blues and I picked up Take Me To Your Tribe today.

Take Me To Your Tribe is described as a periwinkle blue creme, I love this shade. To me it is a perfect denim/baby blue that I think would look great on a variety of skin tones. Rhythm And Blues is described as a silvery blue metallic shimmer, beautiful. However you want to describe it, its a beautiful blue shimmer that I think looks great with Take Me To Your Tribe.

Are you wearing blue polish today for World Autism Awareness Day? What shade/s? Let me know what your favourite blue polishes are.