DIY Reusable Cotton Squares for Earth Day

My husband and I are slowly, and I mean slowly!, going through the stuff we seem to have accumulated over the years in an attempt to get rid of/find stuff. A few weekends ago we decided to tackle my sewing/crafting/has no where else to be drawers and totes. While I was going through fabric I happened upon some scraps of flannel that was a tad discoloured and not really big enough to do much with. I remembered seeing a post about DIY Cotton Rounds and thought that the scraps of flannel would be great to use for that.

My take on DIY Cotton ‘Rounds’.

My take on DIY Cotton ‘Rounds’.

This past long weekend I decided to make myself some cotton rounds using up the scraps as well as it would give me a chance to drag out my sewing machine/serger to see if they were in working order before I tried to do something more adventurous. ps only 1 machine is in need of some work!

To make the cotton rounds all you really need is some flannel as well as your choice of sewing method, whether it be Machine/Serger/or by hand. I ended up using my serger, that thankfully is in good working order, after it took me 1.5 hours to get it threaded correctly! I also decided that since I have a TON of these Maxwell House coffee containers that I would make mine to fit in there, hence the square cotton rounds!

I am a huge fan of chain pieces anything I can instead of cutting everything out separately so my instructions will show that, I think it may have been quicker doing it that way to. Im not going to go into to much detail, partly because there isn’t a lot and also it went really quick.

  • I used my serger to straighten as well as sew my first seam down a length of flannel

  • I than cut my strip to almost my desired width, I added a 1/4 inch so that I would get a nice clean straight seam when I did the opposite side.

  • Serger up the other side

  • I than used a rotary cutter to cut each strip into 2.5 inch squares, the width of my container (or so I thought)

  • I serged up one side of the leftover opening, chaining them together (in other words I just kept feeding the next square in instead of stoping and starting)

  • After I cut the previous ones apart I went ahead and did the last open side the same way

  • Once I cut the final ones apart I decided to put some fray check on the corners in case I missed some ends, and also to seal the end of the seams, I didn’t want to take the time to tie each one.

And thats it! It took me maybe an hour or so to make over 50 of these cotton squares! Not to bad.

The finished product.

The finished product.

I thought that I might use the pink squares to remove eye makeup and the white for toner? I have put what I think I will need for a week in my container and that will sit in my bathroom. Once I go through a weeks worth I will just toss these into a washing bag in the washer and wash them with towels.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of how my coffee can looked so thought I would try to dress it up a bit.  I first tried to use some contact paper, that did not work out well at all!  Than I decided to just cover it with plain old Duct Tape, perfect solution!  The Duct Tape completely hid the writing on the can.

Having made these I am hoping to go through less cotton rounds, which I go through about a sleeve a month.  I will still buy my favourites from Dollarama as I will need them for removing nail polish!  I will keep you updated on how thee end up washing up and lasting.

ps. anyone have any other ideas for using up more of these coffee cans?!  We already use them to store small things (screws/nails/bits/etc) but any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!