Too Faced White Peach Palette - Swatches and Review

I am finally getting around to let you know my thoughts on the Too Faced White peach palette I picked up during a Sephora Weekly Wow last August. I only paid $27.50 CAD plus tax for this palette, the full price is $55.00 CAD. I think, even at the full price, this palette would have been worth it for me with the amount of use I got out of it. I wish Sephora did the Weekly Wows more often.

Too Faced-White Peach Eyeshadow PaletteDSC08475.jpg

As with most Too Faced palette, there is a scent with this one. The scent is a fairly faint one though, nothing like the Sweet Peach one, a slightly sweet peach scent. I like that Too Faced usually gives a ‘Glamour Guide’ of a few looks to help get you started with looks from the palette.

I really like the look of the Too Faced White Peach palette, it isn’t over the top, nor is it bulky. It is in the same packaging as Just Peachy Mattes. The attention to detail with the peach closure is great.

The shades in the Too Faced White Peach palette.

The shades in the Too Faced White Peach palette.

The Too Faced White Peach palette isn’t a palette for all skin tones though. I would say that the bulk of the shades wouldn’t show very well on someone with much darker than a medium tone. As you can see the shades are mostly on the light side, there really are only 2 darker shades, On The Grill and Peach Passion. But for me most of the shades work well. I used this palette a ton before I had my eye surgery, it was an easy, hard to mess up palette! I would use almost any of the matte shades in the crease and than a more shimmery shade, either from this palette or from another, on the lid.

The shades in the Too Faced White Peach palette are (shade descriptions are from - Peach Cream (matte soft cream), Peach Suede (matte dusty rose), Peaches & Dreams (golden peach pearl), Creme De La Peach (soft coral with gold sparkle), Peach Sorbet (matte creamy peach), Glistening Peach (rose gold with sparkle), Peach Smoothie (matte rose taupe), Sweet Fig (matte smoky mauve), Peach Ice (white shimmer with gold sparkle), Fuzzy (matte creamy grey), On The Grill (matte charcoal grey), and Peach Passion (deep orchid with blue and purple sparkle).

As you can see from the swatches, most of the shades are fairly light and there are more matte shades than shimmer. I did find that the shade Glistening Peach swatched a lot better than it applied on the lid with a brush. I ended up using On The Grill as eyeliner, it works great for darkening up the lash line. I have not used the shade Peach Passion os of yet, I don’t tend to go for darker eye looks, maybe I should try it as a liner?!

As with most, if not all, Too Faced palette you do get a look card with a few different looks to give you some inspiration on what to do with the palette. I do like that they give you some looks, a starting place so to speak. For me and my preferences, ‘Bottomless Bellinis’ was my starting point.

If you are light to medium complexion, and like neutral to warm toned looks, I think that you would probably enjoy the Too Faced White Peach palette. I used this palette a ton before my eye surgery, but I have also started to pull it back out again lately. When I work the evening shift at work I still like to wear makeup but I do tend to go for a soft neutral look.

Have you found a palette that is your easy, hard to mess up, everyday neutral yet? Let me know what it is, I am always on the hunt for those ones.