CND Vinylux - Field Fox

It’s been awhile since I talked about CND Vinylux polishes. I have 4 full size and 5 minis, not including the top coat that is part of the weekly manicure system. 3 of my full size ones are nude/neutral leaning shades, I guess I have a type when it comes to polish.

The CND Vinylux is supposed to last for a week on the nails when you use the top coat that goes with it. I rarely have much trouble with polish lasting a week for me so I do easily get the weeks worth of wear out of this. I find that the CND Vinyl top coat didn’t stay as shiny as I would have liked, it dulled down by the 4th day of wear, the picture below is on Day 2 of wear and you can already see the shiny finish diminishing.

CND Vinylux - Field FoxDSC01467.jpg

I find that with CND Vinylux, as well as most any other brand, 2 coats is the sweet spot for getting full opaque coverage with little to no streaks. CND Vinylux Field Fox is a pale neutral beige that goes with anything that you could be wearing for a week. I am a fan of neutral polish and do have quite a few in my collection, but I do also enjoy brighter shades from time to time. The CND Vinylux shade Field Fox would also make a great base for nail art.

You can find CND Vinyl Field Fox at Nail Polish Canada or even Shoppers Drug Mart, a lot easier to find now.