New In for May 2019

Well, my unintentional low-buy is once again going very well! As you can see from this post, I only picked up 1 thing last month, and it was something that I had run out of. I am surprised at how easy it is becoming to not pick up products just to try them out, I think it also helps that I have quite a few products left to talk about that haven’t seen the light of day for awhile! Hoping to remedy that situation soon.

The one thing I actually bought in the month of May.

The one thing I actually bought in the month of May.

The only thing I paid for this month, other than Boxy Charm, was an eye makeup remover! As you will see in my Trip Through My Trash post for May, I ran out of eye makeup remover last month. I tried to just use my facial cleanser but it just wasn’t quite cutting it. I was going to pick up an eye makeup remover that I have used before but thought it was a good time to try something new. I have figured out that I prefer a bi-phase remover, they just seem to work better for me.

The 2 products above cost me absolutely nothing! I used the Back To Mac program to pick up a new shade in the Strip Down collection. The shade I picked up is Love U Back, which is described as a muted nude with pink undertones. It is a matte finish, a finish I haven’t tried a lot of from Mac.

The Lancôme perfume is the one I picked up using my gift certificate from a Fragrance Sampler I had picked up over 2 years ago! I on’t go into it but if you want to check out my thoughts on the sampler, as well as my thoughts on all the fragrances included you can find the last post here.

I ended up recieving 2 sets on samples last month, one from Topbox Circle and the other from Shopper’s (I think?). From Topbox Circle I received 2 sample packs of the The true cream-aqua bomb. The true cream is described as a light gel cream for the face. I haven’t tried out many gel creams, maybe I will like that more during the warmer months.

The Herbal Essence Birch Bark Extract shampoo and conditioner are something I will try out! I am always on the hunt for a good, affordable shampoo and conditioner. I like getting samples of shampoo and conditioner, its something that I will always need and getting to try it out first is great. Still looking for a new weekly clarifying shampoo!

So that’s all that was New In for may for me, just a few products. The best part was that I only used cash for 1 item! And it was one that I actually needed because I ran out of it and wasn’t picked up just because I saw it and thought I wanted it! Have you gotten anything new in the past month or so that you love? Ran out of? Any recommendations for me?!