Trip Through My Trash June 2019

Time to do another Trip Through My Trash, and see what I finished up for the month of June. again I have a few products that I am tossing, 4 this month.

A nice amount of empties, with only a couple repeats!

A nice amount of empties, with only a couple repeats!

Since I am focusing on using up what I have this year there are only a few repeats in my Trash for the month of June. The good thing about not picking up products until I use up what I have is that I will be able to give you my thoughts on different products instead of the same ones every month!

2 repeats in June and 1 toss.

2 repeats in June and 1 toss.

A fairly decent amount of hair and skincare empties for the month of June, only 1 toss here.

Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser- This is a repeat item fo rme, but it does take me quite awhile to go through a bottle of this as I use it mainly at night. I use this almost every night with my Clarisonic as my final cleanse. My skin seems to do well with this cleanser, it doesn’t dry my face at all and with the Clarisonic, it gets all traces of makeup off of my face. Repurchase? I always do during either Black Friday sale or Boxing Day sales.

B&BW Mediterranean Blue Waters Ultra Shea Body Cream- My last B&BW Body Cream! I have realized that this cream is better for me during the winter months when my skin is drier. It is a fairly thick, heavy cream that does sink into the skin fairly quickly, for me during the colder months. I do find that it is just to thick during the warmer months though. Repurchase? Probably when the weather turns colder.

Life Exfoliating Foot Mask- I had tried this foot mask back in January and didnt find it did much for me that time. I think that was user error that time though! I decided to try it out again last month and actually made sure soak my feet for a bit longer this time. Doing just that, my feet peeled a lot! It didnt get all the rough skin off but it did get most of it off. Repurchase? I will probably try it again to make sure it wasn’t a fluke!

Timeless B5 Hydration Serum- I won this serum from Hot N Flashy’s winter giveaway in January and finally got around to using them up. I used this serum at night and it was fine, I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin. I think having tried out these different serums, that I am just not one to want to have so many steps in a skincare routine. I know that since I am almost 50 that I should be doing it, but it just took to long! I will be on the hunt for a single serum once I finish up all the ones I have, sample and full size. Repurchase? Doubt it.

Timeless Hyaluranic Acid Serum (vitamin C)- Another serum from the Hot N Flashy giveaway, this time a Vitamin C serum. I used this one every morning, and like the previous one, I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin. Repurchase? Once again, I doubt it.

FAB Coconut Micellar Makeup Melter- I tried out this sample of makeup remover and was able to get 2 uses out of it. It was ok, nothing ground breaking for me though. It did rinse off easily though and didn’t burn my eyes. Repurchase? Maybe?

Uriage Xénose Soothing Cleansing Oil- Another sample done! I think I received this sample in a SDM Beauty Boutique order. This one again did an ok job of breaking up makeup, but it left a fill on my face that I couldn’t rinse away. The only way I could get rid of the film left on my face was by using my Clarisonic. Not a favourite for me! Repurchase? Nope

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Strength + Moisture Leave-in Mask- I believe I received this in a Boxy Charm awhile ago. My hair is mid-way down my back, so lots of length, but I don’t color it. My hair tends to get tangled easily but I found when I use a leave in conditioner it tangles less so. This was a fine leave-in, not the best but also far from the worse I have tried. The spray on this was very forceful?, it was not a mist at all. It was hard to control where it went as the nozzle tended to clog as the liquid was thicker. Repurchase? Maybe, if I found it for a good price.

Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil Volume Hairspray- I can’t remember where this one came from. It was an ok hairspray, it didn’t leave my hair crunchy and did brush out easily. It gave a decent amount of hold, my hair still moved so no helmet head. Repurchase? Maybe once I finish up what I have.

Live Clean Hydrating Creamy Cleanser-I won this last summer in a giveaway along with quite a few other Live Clean products. This was an ok cleanser, I used it mostly in the morning in the shower. I just can’t get over the scent of it, it almost had a musty scent? My skin never felt dried out when I used it. It never foamed up much at all, so I guess that is why it never felt drying. Repurchase? No, I just can’t get past the scent.

Clarisonic Radiance Face Brush Head- This is a repeat product for me. By far my favourite brush head for my Clarisonic. I have found that when I use a different brush head my face gets to be a bright shade of red for a few hours afterwards. Repurchase? As long as I can.

B&BW Shea Butter Fragrance Free Hand Cream- I kept this in my purse and it did a good job of giving my hands a boost of moisture if I had used the hand sanitizer little to much at work. It really was fragrance free so there were no issues using it at work. It did sink in fairly quickly and the moisturizing feeling lasted a decent amount of time. Repurchase? Maybe.

Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil Balm- I picked this cleansing balm up quite a while ago and just recently found it. I was hoping that this would be like all the other cleansing balms that are out right now. Unfortunately I was only able to use it a few times before I noticed all those white splotches around the outside of the jar. I wasn’t a fan of this anyway. it didnt melt easily after applying it on my face, even when I tried to warm it up in my hands before putting it on my face. it just seemed to stick wherever I first touched it to my face. It also didn’t seem to be great at removing makeup anyway so I am not that upset that I am tossing it. Repurchase? No.

Milk Shake Beauty Mask- I used this hair mask whenever I did a clarifying treatment on my hair, so weekly! It did give my hair a good boost of hydration, and really helped to detangle my hair and made it feel silky again. I was however not a huge fan of the open pot that it is in. I again, wasn’t the biggest fan of the scent of this one. The scent was fruity, yet floral. Not my favourite sent to have on my hair, not to mention it was amplified by the heat from shower. Repurchase? Doubt it

4 makeup products!

4 makeup products!

4 makeup products are leaving, to bad 3 are tosses!

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation- A foundation I have had forever, at least 4 years…. I went to use this last month, I am really trying to use up products I have, and it smelled a little different from what I remembered, but I tried it anyway. Well that didn’t work out very well as I had to wipe it off my face and start over again. It seemed somewhat dry and sunk into pores horribly. Repurchase? I may try the newer version, you can’t get this one anymore…

Tarte Ready, Set, Radiant Skin Mist- I got this in a previous Boxy Charm and was to sure if I would like it as my skin has done a switch to being more oily to normal. I was surprised that I liked it! I would spray this on my face as soon as I sat down to start doing my makeup and it gave me a boost of hydration. The spray did occasionally spray droplets though so I wouldn’t recommend using this as a setting mist. I didnt notice that it made my makeup last longer, but I did like using it everyday. Repurchase? Maybe, I haven’t ruled it out yet.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara- I have tried this mascara out several times over the years and couldn’t remember what I thought about it. It didnt go well last month with watery eyes and rising humidity. I found that this would smudge on me within a couple hours with these conditions. My sister however who has drier skin doesn’t find that it smudges on her. So if you have drier skin this may work better for you. Repurchase? Nope

Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Ink- I have had this forever! I loved the shade of this lip ink and I remember it lasting quite awhile to. The shade I had was 02 Rosewood, a beautiful deeper pinky nude. I pulled this out to use and it smelled a little different from what I remembered, but I tried it on my lips anyway…not a good idea. It went on chunky and patchy. So this one is a toss as I think it has gone bad. Repurchase? I don’t think you can.

I only finished 2 votives, but I am also working on a big jar one to!

I only finished 2 votives, but I am also working on a big jar one to!

I burned 2 votives last month, Yankee Candle Beach Walk and Vanilla Lime, both being scents that I like. I find that both of these scents are fairly light, with a hint of fruityness. I like both of these ones so they weren’t hard for me to burn. Neither is a strong scent and the scent really didn’t go past my office, which is a fairly small room. I am still slowly going through my stash of candles that I have so I didn’t pick up any new ones even though Yankee Candle has been having a really good sale on lately, 75% off! Staying with the use up that I seem to be doing.

Did you use up any good products last month? Are you trying to use up a backlog of products? How is it going?