New In June 2019

Another good month for my wallet! I picked up 1 product that I am almost out of. And I was lucky enough to win a Twitter contest from Canadian Beauty Bloggers for Orabel for the others. I spent less than $20.00 last month! I am surprised at how easy it is becoming to not pick up products just because I think I want/need them. I am hoping to keep this mindset up for the rest of the year, only replacing things as I run completely out of them.

I didn’t know, until late in May that we Canadians could get Makeup Revolution from a Canadian supplier! I was quite happy to find that out as I have seen a lot of bloggers/youtubers/etc taking about the products but figured I would just have a look in the States when I go to visit my nephew in Cleveland next. I am quite interested in the Concealer and Foundations but I figured that would be better to see the shades mores than guessing with online. So with my gift certificate in hand I went shopping at Orabel.

I of course, went straight for the eyeshadow palettes! I had seen that the Makeup Revolution - Forever Flawless Palettes were new so I wanted to try one of those. I picked the Makeup Revolution - Forever Flawless - Optimum palette as it looked like something a little bit different from what I seem to have a lot of. I will hopefully let you know my thoughts on this and the other 2 palettes sooner rather than later.

When I had first seen the Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit palettes I really wanted them, but as with most eye shadow palettes, I didn’t really need them! I do probably have a lot of same/similar shades in other palettes, but I do like watching Emily Noel. I didn’t see them on my last trip to Cleveland though so when I saw that Orabel had them and since I had a gift certificate, I figured why not! I didn’t technically spend my own money, the gift certificate covered the cost! I had originally ordered The Wants palette but there was a little mix up with my order and ended up being sent the The Needs. Orabel has excellent customer service though and quickly sent out The Wants one and allowed me to keep The Needs as well!

Sephora Collection-Peppermint Lip Scrub.jpg

The one thing I was needing to replace was my lip scrub in a tube as I was almost out of my current one. Since it was my birthday month in June, and I am Rouge (I think this is my last year of that), I was able to get a free brow wax. I booked my appointment and figured I would also pick up a new lip scrub and my birthday gift from Sephora. I realized on this visit just why I haven’t been going to Sephora this year. Customer service has gone straight down the tubes at my local Sephora. While I was looking around, I asked an associate about a product and was rudely told they don’t get everything in store and to shop online for the product I was looking for. At the cash I was not offered my birthday gift, and the cashier couldn’t figure out how to redeem my code for brow wax and I was treated like it was my fault. I did reach out to Sephora Customer service when I got home. I just ended up redeeming for the 250 points since I was not going to place an order. I doubt I will be spending much if anything at Sephora anymore, definitely don’t see myself hitting Rouge again in the near future. I will try to catch something good in the Rewards bazaar on Tuesday/Thursday.

So that was everything new in that came during the month of June. Not a lot but again something I was running out of as well as something fun! Did you pick up anything new in June? Anything good? Let me know!