New In For July 2019

And here we go again with a New In that is only replacements! I am actually starting to enjoy not picking up a lot of new things each months…weird! It has gotten me to remember that I already have a rather large collection and that I really should be using the products I have before they go bad.

I had completely run out of replacement heads for my Schick Intuition razor so I headed over to Costco to pick up another pack. I can get this pack at Costco for just under $30.00 CAD, there are enough replacement heads to last me almost a year. The Intuition razor is my favourite, I am often in the shower before 5am so not having to fumble with a razor and shaving cream is always a good thing.

I thought that I had finally finished off all the body wash that I had, but I did happen to find a mini of The Body Shop Satsuma Body Wash, so I picked up another favourite, the Nivea Care & Orange. I like the scent and also that my skin doesn’t feel stripped and dry after washing.

I was also almost done with my Body Exfoliator so I went to pick up the Calgon one I usually get but the price went up! It is now almost $10.00 CAD. My sister was with me and said I should try out the Dove one. So I will be trying this one out soon. The Dove was just over $5.00 CAD, but it is a smaller tub. There are a few different scents, I picked out Pomegranate Seeds & Shea Butter, it doesn’t have that strong of a scent but you can smell the fruitiness.

Have you been doing an unintentional low/no buy? How are you finding it? Is there another Body Exfoliator that I should try?