New In For September 2019

I picked up a couple of new things to try out and 1 that I haven’t had in a bit now. I also just noticed that I picked up something for eyes, skincare and haircare! So not all makeup related products. I am trying to think through purchases before picking things up, I do really need to go through what I have more.

First up, I picked up the Thayers Witch Hazel Facial Toner in the Rose Petal scent at Winners for $3.00 cheaper than it is most other places. I have used up quite a few bottles of this toner before and do really like it. I was in Winners looking for a wallet and purse and that section just so happened to be right next to the beauty section! I found a wallet but no purse yet and spotted the toner and decided to pick it up as well. Surprisingly there was also a lot of makeup, but I didn’t pick up anything else!

I have been eyeing the ELF - The New Classic s for awhile now and finally decided to just pick it up. It was $13.97 at Walmart, which is a pretty good price for an 18 shade eyeshadow palette. I know that I have all these shades in other palettes but they are the shades I wear pretty much daily. I haven’t tried much from ELF, and what I had tried was years ago! I had heard quite a few YouTubers talk about how good this palette was so thought it would be a good one to try.

And lastly, the DevaCurl - Curls-on-the-Go set. I finally got a haircut a couple weeks ago, took off almost 12 inches! I have been looking for a product, or 4 that would help get my waves looking more defined and remembered hearing about DevaCurl a while ago. I was going to pick up a travel size of the Light Defining Gel but than my sister noticed this set, which really wasn’t much more in price anyway, so I decided to try the system. Here’s hoping its good!

Did you pick up anything you have had your eye on for awhile lately? Did it live up to your thoughts? Let me know.