Well hello,

My name is Sandie, I am a 40+ year old who started my makeup addiction a little late in life.
Up until about 2 years ago all I wore for makeup was mascara maybe eyeliner.  My love of makeup started when my sister was getting married and we went to the MAC counter to get our makeup done and get some ideas on how to our makeup for her big day.
Little did I know that would be the start of it!   I now read a lot of blogs and watch a ton of YouTube! to get ideas on the next thing to try.  Now I don't go to work with out foundation, concealer, eye shadow, the works!
I live in London Ontario and work in a hospital full time.  I am always on the hunt to find makeup that can last through my 12 hour shifts and still look decent at the end of it.
For reference I am: 
Skin color : MUFE 118 Flesh
Skin type : Winter-dry and prone to flakes, Summer-normal to oily on my nose (This winter I have become OILY!)
Hair Type : Fine but alot of it, wavy and long
Favorite Brands : MAC, Urban Decay, Tarte, Makeup Geek, L'Oreal, etc (ever evolving list!)
I will be doing reviews on make up products, hauls, wishlists, lifestyle and  things I try from pinterest (DIYs, tricks and tips, and anything I find interesting).  
I have an obsession to find the products and  techniques that will last me throughout my long days, so I am always trying new things.  Also ways to get ready quickly for those 515 am wake up alarms.

Disclosure Policy: All products featured on this site were purchased (or borrowed) by me unless otherwise indicated.  I am using an asterisk * to indicate products sent to me or received at events. All the opinions expressed on how products perform will be my own regardless of the source.